Flexible solution for solar applications: µsurf solar

NanoFocus introduces business solution for the 3D inspection of crystalline solar cells

NanoFocus AG, specializing in 3D measurement equipment, extends its product portfolio by the new development µsurf solar, a high precision opti­cal measurement solution for the broad range of crystalline solar applications in laboratory and production. As a business solution, the automatable system is adapted to the requirements of solar industry from hardware to software.

From research and development over the supplying industry up to the actual manufacturing a continuous monitoring of the production parameters in the micro and nanometer range becomes ever more important. The optimum flexibility of the µsurf solar allows all solar meas­urement tasks to be performed with nanometer accuracy using the confocal technology. This extensive evolution delivers highest stability of data – with highest dynamic and intuitive handling.

μsurf solar enables non-destructive analyses without preparation of the samples. For the 3D inspection system, it doesn’t mat­ter if the surfaces possess etched structures or an anti-reflective coat­ing. Also for samples with awkward characteristics such as steep slopes, complex geometries and structures in the nanometer range, μsurf solar delivers exact and repeatable 3D measurement data within a few sec­onds.

The system is able to conduct up to 12 area measurements within one minute, including procedure time and evaluation. A vacuum chuck guarantees the safe fixture of the solar cell while moving the stages. The positioning tables are available up to the meter range which is required to measure whole solar modules.

The software works with special algorithms and variable exposure time, which improves especially the evaluation of alcaline textured surfaces. Owing to the combination of height and reflection data, edges can be determined accurately and nanometer-exactly. The integrated industry specific automation function with data base access provides an even more efficient measuring process.


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